Vasisthasana Pose sometimes called side plank, is named after a sage = Vasistha.

This pose requires balancing on one hand and one leg with strength and concentration.

vasi collage


Builds strength in the core, shoulders, and outer hips

Brings focus and concentration to the mind

Coming into the Pose

1. From Downward facing dog, bring your shoulders forward towards plank pose. Make sure your wrist is slightly forward of your shoulder. Soften between the shoulder blades (heart), but keep your hips in line. Bring your weight onto your right hand and roll to the outer edge of your right foot.

*Beginnersplace your left knee on the mat and take the left foot to turn out behind you, then open into the pose. Alternatively you can place the left foot in front of the right for more stability.

2. Press firmly into your right hand, lift your right hip away from the floor, and extent your left arm up. Press into the outer edge of the right foot.

Advancing and variations

1. Place your left foot on your inner right thigh for tree variation in Vasisthasana. Push your foot into your leg, leg into your foot.

2. Full expression, bend your left leg, turning it outward in its socker, with the knee pointing up. Catch the big toe with the thumb, index, and middle finger. Straighten the arm and leg and stretch them up. Turn the head to look up.

Balance for 10 -15 seconds.

Coming out

Exhale, bring the left arm and leg down. Turn into Downward facing dog. Repeat on the other side. Then come down.

Vasisthasana is a challenging and invigorating pose. Play around with it and you will see it’s strength building qualities.


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