Chocolate Banana Protein Pancakes

I whipped these pancakes up super quick. They are so easy, delicious, nutritious, low in calorie, high in protein and sure to get you energized for your day! Now that it’s getting a little cooler here in sunny San Diego I am finding myself craving more substantial foods, warming foods. That being said I dont like the extra calories and fats that usually hitch a ride with those types of foods. With this recipe I get everything I want, yummy hardy pancakes & rich chocolatey flavor without the added gunk!


Here’s the skinny!

2 eggs beaten, 1 banana mashed, 1 scoop shakeology chocolate (I use the vegan one) flavor, 1 tbsp. coconut flour, 4 tbsp. almond milk, a tiny pinch of sea salt.

Whisk all ingredients together, heat your pan and spray with cooking oil (I like Trader Joes coconut oil spray). Pour the pancake batter in the pan and let one side cook, then flip it over to finish it off. Viola you are ready to eat a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

*This recipe is just one of the yummy dished you can enjoy on my 21 Day’s to Lean fitness and coaching program. If you’re interested in losing some weight, feeling your best and still being able to enjoy a balanced array of yummy foods contact me or like my FB page!   I’m in the business of helping people create their BEST self and I’d love to help you get to your health and fitness GOALS!

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