This weeks 21DFX meal plan 10-19

Having a meal plan is a life saver! It does take extra time out of your weekend but I’m telling you it makes your week smooth sailing! Especially if you add in meal prep time! You can have lunches ready, breakfasts prepped and dinner ingredients ready for you! It takes time now but saves you time tomorrow!


Here is what I meal prepped today. It took me about an hour but I know it was time well spent!

Meal Prep: Grilled Organic Chicken Tenders, Sweet Potato Hash (enough for two people for 3 breakfasts), 3 Jar Salads, Chopped Onion, Hard Boiled Eggs, Overnight Pumpkin Spice Oats

Now I have prepped and portion controlled meals ready for me to grab, plus everything I need for my meals this week! I truly have no EXCUSES now to NOT eat healthy. It’s a satisfying feeling to know that I can let the meal planning go!  Now I have more time and  room in my mind for the rest of the things that a busy momprenuer has to get DONE!

I would love to help you get your weeks set up with healthy meals for you and your family. My challenge groups always focus on NUTRITION first, EXERCISE second. If you would like more information on joining a challenge group click on the link of comment below. It is my passion and mission to help people achieve health, happiness and peace in their bodies, minds and within their families.

Click here for more information

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