For those of you new to my page who might not know me well, here is a bit of my story. Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope my message inspires YOU today! xx

My fitness journey has been a long one, to read my FULL story you can head over to the about me page. This is just a small snippet of how fitness, yoga, meditation and nourishing my body have changed my life.

To the eye this transformation might not look super drastic. But what you don’t see, is the changes that occurred for me mentally and emotionally.

For a good chunk of my life I was searching! Searching for happiness, acceptance, love, peace. I spent so much time wishing my life away….If my house was like this then I’d be happy. If my body looked like this, then I could accept myself. If my husband did this, then I would feel loved. If had x amount of dollars in the bank, then I would feel at peace….Funny thing is even when those things did happen I still didn’t feel whole! Something was missing and I was searching for it so far outside of myself that I wasn’t ever able to see the beauty that was my life.

Once I began to REALLY take care of myself and stop blaming everyone and everything around me for my unhappiness, things began to change. A little light went on and the more I stayed committed to myself, to my goals, to the promises I was making the better I began to feel. The extra baby weight I was carrying came off, my energy improved, I was better with my kids, more loving with my husband, more able to SEE the possibilities that surrounded us. My whole mood changed, I finally felt all those things I was searching for! Guess what, they didn’t come in the shape of a perfect home, or dollar bills, or praise, they came because I put myself FIRST!

No matter what you want to change in your life, you have to start with YOU! We have to prepare ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally for whatever life throws at us. If you are nourishing your body, your mind and your spirit then you will have the energy, the strength and the mental focus to live your life and live it WELL no matter WHAT!

By making the choice to get out of my own way, to lose my excuses and to stay committed to nurturing my body, my mind & my spirit, I was able to FIND what was THERE all along.
Happiness, Self- acceptance, Love & Peace…and I wish nothing more than the same for YOU!

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