21 day Fix Extreme week 1 meal plan 10/26

I finally got this weeks menu plan typed up! WHEW! Let me start off by saying that if something is a priority to you, no matter how busy you are you will get it done.

My weekend started Friday evening with a family friends birthday dinner out, then continued with a Saturday morning soccer game for my big girl (where I watched and wrote out my weekly meal plan and shopping list). I snuck in grocery shopping after soccer and before my big girls combined b-day party sleep over with her friend (which had me home at about 11pm). But wait it didn’t stop there! Back up Sunday morning and out to pick up breakfast for a gaggle of girls, then home to prep for our girl scouts annual Halloween costume party. Here I am now 7:15p.m. in my p.j.’s typing up my meal plan, printing it up, putting it on the fridge and sharing it with YOU!

Sure I could have skipped it, I could have come up with a dozen reasons why it would be ok to not be accountable to what I have promised myself, but I know what the consequences to that are. Feeling crappy in the morning, frustrated, and let down just isn’t worth it anymore!

So here it is, my week is prepared and I hope that this might inspire you to keep those promises that you make to yourself too!


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