No Excuses December Fit-mas Challenge


I don’t know about you but I am determined to NOT let the holiday season ruin all my hard efforts this year of reaching my health and fitness goals! The last part of the year is very challenging with all of the parties, treats, dinners and celebrating going on. How is a girl to keep her waist line in check?

I am committing to stay on track and avoid the holiday spread (pun intended). But I need accountability and support. I can’t do this alone! I am inviting you to join me on this journey to feel FIT & FABULOUS this holiday season. Let’s start 2016 a head of our New Year’s resolutions. We can do this!!

holiday balance

How you might ask? How can I avoid all the tempting treats and eats that surround me this time of year?  How can I fit in workouts with a full and busy schedule? How can I avoid getting run down and stressed out?  Let me show you!

Fit-mas Plan:

1.We will be following a Portion Controlled Meal Plan – Planning out our weekly meals is essential to our FIt-mas plan! I will help you meal plan for the week so that you can stay on track. Got a holiday party to attend no worries, we will plan around it! Listen this is going to be an 80/20 rule guide, meaning we are going to follow our plan as best we can 80% of the time and possibly slip up 20% of the time(we are human). Food approved shopping lists will be provided, meal plans provided, recipes provided! This is the MOST IMPORTANT KEY to our SUCCESS!

2. We will get in daily 30 minute at home workouts – Moving your body is so important! It not only keeps us strong and fit, but it supplies oxygen to our brain and cells, improves our immune system, releases feel good endorphins and helps us to combat any holiday STRESS! BONUS; It also speeds up your metabolism so your burning more calories throughout the day!

3. SUPER-FOODS – A daily dose of dense super-foods nutrition will be enjoyed daily in the form of your favorite holiday treat. Think peppermint mocha, egg nog, gingerbread, pumpkin spice…are you drooling yet!?! Not only will we be boosting our immunity, maintaining our weight and even weight-loss, providing our bodies with all the vitamins, minerals, probiotics and antioxidants that it needs to stay strong and healthy, but we will be satisfying our sweet tooth as well!! It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN!!

4. Healthy Holiday Recipes – The goal here is for us to basically have our cake and eat it too. I don’t want to feel deprived and I know you don’t either. I also don’t want to feel crappy, have no energy, have my skin look drab, and feel my pants get to tight! So I am taking some of my favorite holiday recipes and cleaning them up just for YOU (and me!) in my Healthy Holiday Recipe eBook! Think of this a my FREE Gift to YOU!

5. Accountability & Support – This is the magic factor to our success! Keeping each other on track! You will be part of a private FB group, this is our health and wellness community. Each day you will be met with motivation and inspiration. You will be encouraged to share your journey with the group. This will be your safe place to connect, feel supported and encouraged! I will share all of my tips, recipes, meal plans, workout calendar, videos and more within this group. We all need to belong and have a supportive tribe to keep our fire fueled!


ARE YOU READY TO JOIN ME? I know that we can survive the holidays, have fun, celebrate and still feel and look FIT & FABULOUS! Let’s do this together! Just click on the application link to get started!  FIT-MAS CHALLENGE APPLICATION


I look forward to hearing from you soon!



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