Week 2 21DFX meal plan 11/2-11/8

Week 2 of my Fit For Fall Fitness & Accountability Challenge! I will say this weekend was a bit of a challenge with all the festivities, yummy treats and candy staring me in the FACE!! But I think I did well considering. I am dialing it in this week though to really make up for the extra chocolates and sugar that was consumed!

Here is my plan:

*Drink warm water with lemon and a fresh juice each morning to help me detox and hydrate my system.                                                                                                                                                *Stay super committed to my meal plan and be sure to measure out my foods in the portion controlled containers.                                                                                                                                  *Get my workout in daily plus 10 minutes of abs 3x’s this week!                                                                *Drink my superfoods smoothies each day to help me curb those sugar cravings!

Here’s what on this weeks meal plan:


Do you want to join me and keep you health and fitness on track through the end of the year? I have a FREE 7 day Clean Eating Workshop coming up next week and a FULL challenge group to keep us FIT through the toughest month of the year….No Excuses December – FIT-mas Challenge. Click on the link here….Fitness Application… Let’s get STARTED!

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