Why Investing in Yourself is Important!


Have you ever been in that situations where you really wanted something for yourself? I don’t meal a new outfit, or handbag, I mean something that would really make a difference in YOU? Have you ever wanted to attend an event, or sign up for a yoga class, or join in on a fitness group but you didn’t? If this resonates with you, trust me you are not alone! The majority of people choose NOT to invest in themselves simply because they feel…

  1.  They don’t deserve it.
  2.  Its selfish.
  3. They shouldn’t spend money on themselves when their kids need xy&z. or
  4.  They just don’t feel worthy.

Is any of this ringing true for you? I know for many, many years it did for me! I would push my inner need for growth and change aside, because I felt I didn’t deserve it and it was selfish of me to spend extra money on myself. What I didn’t realize at the time was that by making that choice to put my needs and growth aside I was actually hurting those around me too. As human beings we are constantly growing and changing and we NEED to nurture that. If we stay stuck and stagnate for to long, anger and resentment begin to build up inside of us. We can feel unfulfilled and anxious. Before we know it we are just plain UNHAPPY and we don’t know why!! I know this because I lived like this and being the mother and center of the family, everyone else suffered right along side me! I never put myself first, I never felt I was worthy of doing the things I knew in my heart would create a positive change in my life.


Did you know that the top 2% of the wealthiest people in the world set aside 20% of their yearly income to reinvest in themselves!?! They do this because they know to be successful in life you have to constantly grow, learn and CHANGE! You have to feed your soul, move your body, work your mind to have a sense of purpose that builds that inner confidence we all desire. Without purpose we fall prey to depression, anxiety, loneliness and that general feeling of BLAAAHHH. If you’ve been there or are there you know it’s not a FUN place to be.


So what are the first steps to investing in yourself? 

  1. Personal Development: I LOVE personal development! Here’s a bonus, now when you go to the bookstore it’s actually called Personal Development and NOT SELF-HELP(which I think use to scare or embarrass people away!). Find a good PD book or audio that resonates with you. A few of my favorites are…Unleash The Power Within, by Anthony Robbins (this will for sure pump you up!). Playing Big by Tara Mohr ( a great read for women in how to build your inner confidence and find you purpose and passion). Whatever you need support, guidance and growth in, there is a PD book out there for you! Begin searching!
  2. Sign up: Sign up for that class you have always wanted to do. What are your hobbies? Not sure, think about what it is that you use to LOVE to do when you were a kid, teen or in your twenties. Be brave and get out there and do something that makes your heart HAPPY!
  3. Decide: Decide that by taking care of yourself you are taking care of everyone! When you are happy, nutrutred and taking care of yourself you will be a happier person! You will have things to talk about and share with others. You’ll smile more and be more relaxed! This benefits EVERYBODY that surrounds YOU!
  4. Find your TRIBE: In order to grow and change you have to have a community of support. Look at the people in your life, do they support you in wanting to follow your dreams and passions? If the answer is NO, then it’s time to head out and find people that do? How on earth do you do that, you might be asking? Well ,when you sign up for that class, or take on a new venture, you will meet new people that are intersted in the same things that you are. These people are your people! They will get you, they will support you and they will udnerstand this part of you! Sometime change means letting go of things and people that just don’t support what we are growing into, and that is OK (be OK with this).
  5. Face you FEAR and do it ANYWAY: Investing in yourself take’s courage! It’s not easy to take these first steps. You have to face your FEARS of the unknown, of pursuing something new and difference. It will be scary, you will try to talk yourself out of it. Our egos don’t like change, our ego’s like to play life safe. So you have to pull up your big girl/boy pants and do it ANYWAY!! Fear and all, you just have to go for it!! Trust me you will be so thankful you did in the END!


Life is SHORT, it should be lived and expressed to it’s fullest potential. Don’t sell yourself short, don’t play small and hide yourself and your gifts from the world. Play BIG, invest in yourself, your growth, your health, your dreams and your passions!

I would LOVE to help you step into your health and fitness journey. No matter what path you take in life, health and fitness MUST be a part of your daily routine. My fitness programs are simple to follow and give you all the tools you need to create better energy, health and vibrancy to live your life to the FULLEST. Fill out the application below to get started with me today! I would love to be your coach and support you to better health!Click here to Get Started!


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