5 Tips for Greater Self LOVE!


Loving and caring for yourself can be a tricky thing. For one most people don’t want to come across as, selfish! Let’s me tell you that by honoring your true needs you are NOT being selfish. The true definition of the word selfish is; lacking considerations for others; concerns chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. By taking time for yourself so that You can be a better YOU, is in NO WAY SELFISH…..it is a NECESSITY!

For us mama’s this can be an even more challenging feat. We give so much to our little ones, and rightly so, they need our time and attention. But if we are so fully depleted, how much can we really be there for our children?  If we are feeling unhappy, unfilled, how can we give them happiness & love? When your cup get’s empty, you have to fill it up!!

I know there was a time when I didn’t even know what filled my cup up! I had gone so far beyond and so far away from loving me that I had forgotten how to take deep care of myself. Im not talking about hygiene, as you know, Im talking about taking care of my soul and spirit. Filling up my happiness and love cup! Thank goodness I found my caring for me mojo again. My home is happier, my children happier, my hubby happier…heck the dog is probably happier too…lol!


So where do you start? How can you begin to take better care of you?

Here are a few tips to get you going! 

  1. Schedule a weekly date with yourself! Think about the things you use to LOVE to do. The hobby that you have given up, or the hobby you always wanted to get started. Make a date with yourself once a week to do that thing! For me it’s yoga. I have my weekly Thursday night yoga class with my teacher and I LOVE that time!
  2. Daily Gratitude – Begin a ritual of daily gratitude. Think about and write down all the things(or at least 5 a day) that you are grateful for. This is a great morning practice to develop. I personally get up at least 30 minutes to an hour before the rest of the house to have some quiet time to be in gratitude and journal. This will set the tone for your whole day!
  3. Personal Development – This is an amazing tool to help you better understand yourself. To work through your self limiting beliefs and begin to dig into becoming your BEST self. A few of my favorites are Anthony Robbins – Unleash the power within. Jen Sincerno – You are a badass. Gabriella Bernstein – May Cause Miracles. Check out your local library or bookstore and get some PD today. I also enjoy audio books for the car too.
  4. Nourish Yourself Well – Ok let’s throw the word DIET out the window PLEASE. I mean really it’s so 1990’s! Replace that thought with lifestyle change. Being able to nourish your body is a gift and a priviledge. Food from the earth is beautiful, learn to see the beauty in your food. Love yourself enough to eat well and make the best choices that you can for yourself. This is a big struggle for many of us and the cause of a lot of hurtful, negative mental self talk. The challenge groups I run are a great way to learn how to nourish yourself well. Not to be on a diet, but to eat clean, healthy, vibrant foods that will energize and enliven YOU!
  5. Move Your Body – Yes physical fitness is an essential part to feeling great about yourself. I mean can you think of one time in your life when you regretted a workout that you did? Well there was one time when I went on a mountain bike race and ended up in a tree…I kinda regret that one..lol. Anywho, exercise releases feel good endorphine, endorphines make you HAPPY!!! Weeeeeee. So get movin, NOT cuz you need to lose weight and once you do you can go back to sittin on your bottom! Move your body because you love it, because you want to feel STRONG! For me starting the at home workout programs, that I work with in my business, were the game changer for me. I can’t go without it now. Working out is truly a part of  my lifestyle, I love it because I LOVE how it makes me feel! You deserve and can have that feeling too!

Loving yourself and taking care of your mind, body and spirit is a journey. It takes time to remember to be gentle with yourself. We all have times when we fall short and get off course. The falling down is part of it. So take care of yourself the way you take care of your child. You deserve and were made to love yourself fully, to forgive yourself when you falter and live life to your fullest potential.


For more info on my fitness and wellness groups click here ! I would love to here from you and help you in any way that I can to achieve your dreams and vision that you have for your life! xo

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