Meditate + Move ~ Finding Peace in Mind + Body


Meditation + Movement have been the best medicine for me.

Whether I’m experiencing anxiety, stress, fear, depression to coping with the loss of loved ones… My practice of moving my body and quieting my mind have become a saving grace.

I can honestly say that it was a huge part of what got me through the hardest year of my life last year.

It’s easy to get stuck in the negative and fear-filled cycle of our thoughts. It can be so powerful and really suck us into a dark place. A place where we feel hopeless, angry, frustrated or worse deeply depressed. I have experienced this darkness within my own family and seen how it can not just affect a persons quality of life, but trickle into the lives around them. To your partner, children, grandchildren…. We have to understand that our actions and beliefs don’t just determine our future but they affect the generations to follow us. 

There is always hope and we always have a choice EVERY SINGLE DAY, no matter what is happening in your life, there is a CHOICE. We can either journey down the road of lack and focus on all that is wrong and not right in your world. Or we can journey down the road of gratitude and see the blessings and the good that surrounds us. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. 

I have traveled down both roads, as I think most of us have, and I can say that the road to gratitude is a much healthier and happier place to be. Healing from the loss of my Mother & Father in law(that were a result of living in the darkness) I myself had to make a choice. I could let this tragedy ruin me and my family. I could let it take me down in the flame that it was born from or I could rise above. I could CHOOSE to be a light and find the strength to see the goodness that still surrounded me. I found that strength through Meditation + Movement. Each morning I vowed to get up and move my body. Each morning I vowed to breath, pray and be in the space of gratitude. Each morning I vowed to ask for strength and guidance to keep my family strong, safe and surrounded in LOVE. Each day I MADE A CHOICE to be better than I was the day before! 


The blessing for me was that I had the tools. I have studied meditation, I was already familiar and on a health and fitness journey. I know that for so many people out there, they don’t have these tools! That is why I am so passionate about sharing this work, about helping as many people as I can! To spread light, love, health, happiness and positivity. The foundation of our health starts within! No matter what you are going through in your life, finding time to move, breathe & sweat out the stress, worry & tension will benefit you. Finding time to be quiet and listen to what your body & your heart desires is essential.


I am so excited to share this program with each and everyone of YOU! I believe that everything happens to us for a reason. That is why I have turned my mess into my message. If any of this resonates with you, if you need help and support to begin your journey down your own path of better health, vibrant living and gratitude then join me, February 29th,  for this special event ~ 30 Days of Meditate + Move ~ A journey to Wellness Challenge Group.


Here’s what the program will consist of.

* 3-Day Refresh cleanse to gently cleanse our systems and clear out minds.
* 30 minutes of daily workouts (you choose the right program for you).
*Guided meditations by me ( you can listen to these at your own time)
*Tools on how to start your own meditation practice.
*Tips on how to love your body + keep a positive attitude
*Nourishing meal plans, recipes and Nutrition program
*Weekly private group calls to connect deeper & work through any road blocks
*Me as your personal coach.
*Support + accountability to help you reach your GOALS.

By learning to tune out the chatter that surrounds us, we can connect to out hearts & trust ourselves more. We can achieve a deep sense of gratitude & love that will allow us to be more confident in our minds + bodies. We will change the path of our lineage and the generations to come! Let’s go beyond our fears, egos and self-limiting beliefs to reach a place of love + acceptance for our bodies and who we are!!

Fill out the application  here  if you are ready to get started! 

May you find the light and the peace that lives within you. May you find the strength to live your life without limits. May you love with your whole heart + soul and see the grace and beauty that surrounds you in this amazing world! 12512454_932284736868532_2130527301982688710_n



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