How to Wear Your Gym Clothes to Work

Since I was 16, I have always dreamed of having my own business and being my OWN boss. I guess I have always had that entrepreneurial + free spirited spark in me.

We all have a spark inside us. We all want to find a bit of that entrepreneurial mojo and find more of our voice. Maybe you want to become more of a self-starter within your office, or maybe you want to strike up a side gig that speaks to your passion. Or maybe you want to make a big leap and start your own business.

Whatever it is, having a greater sense of freedom in the work you do and how you earn is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

With that in mind, I’m issuing a really fun opportunity that will open your eyes to some awesome possibilities!


While I dreamed of running my own business I never thought it would come in the way of online health and lifestyle coaching! I thought I would own a coffee shop or yoga studio or wellness center. Until I realized the cost of starting up a business like that. Not just the financial cost, but the loss of time I would have for my family and my girls. First and foremost I am a mom and I want to have freedom and flexibility around that. Owning a store front business would NOT provide me with that type of lifestyle. 

When the coaching opportunity was presented to me, I was extremely hesitant. For one I didn’t understand it at ALL! I was still in the I want to own a store front business cuz thats a REAL business type of mindset. I didn’t understand the possibilities that this opportunity held for me, my family, the people that I would help and the financial freedom that it would provide. It took me a while to see and allow my vision for my business to transform and thank goodness I stuck around to see it! 

Here is what becoming a Coach and starting my own coaching business has done for me + my family:

  • Allows me the freedom to work from home, create my own schedule and be available for my family!
  • It has gotten me and my husband into the best shape of our lives
  • It has improved my marriage and my personal growth through the encouragement of personal development
  • It has allowed me the freedom to build and create a business from my heart with little to no monthly overhead! 
  • It has taught me how to be a leader, role model and mentor.
  • It has helped me contribute greatly to my families financial freedom fund
  • It has allowed me to help so many people near and far gain greater health, happiness and a new way of living a vibrant life.
  • It has given me a supportive community of like minded people to share, grow and build my business with. 
  • It has given us travel opportunities to places we probably never would see! 
  • It has opened my mind, eyes + heart to my greatest potential and the ability I have to create my dream life! 


I want everyone to be able to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why I’m sharing this opportunity with YOU! Like me, you might not quite understand what this coaching thing is all about? If you dream of starting your own business, if you want more freedom in your life for yourself and your family, if you want to create extra income, contribute to YOUR families financial freedom fund or heck maybe you want to retire your spouse from the job he/she loathes…..This is the opportunity for YOU!

I want to share with you, what was shared with me. It may be for you, it may not be…I DONT KNOW and neither will YOU unless you check it out! 

I always say…You NEVER know where an opportunity might lead you! 

If you are ready to learn more, if you are ready to join my LIVE-Inspired Tribe of wellness warriors, if you are ready to learn how to create your best health, help others and build a life of your dreams, then click on the link here and start your application NOW . 


I can’t wait to hear from you!     xo Lisa


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