Meal Plans

Creating a meal plan for a successful week of healthy living and nourishing your body is essential to meet your health and fitness goals.


Since becoming a Beach Body Coach I have learned through the 21 day fix program, how to really portion out my foods on a daily basis. For me this was a HUGE turning point in getting to my fitness goals. It showed me how to eat in balance and also it brought awareness to the areas I was regularly over eating in (carbs & fats). This way of LIVING & eating(I say that because I believe in creating a healthy lifestyle NOT dieting) was a game changer for me!

I share my weekly meal plan here each Sunday. I do this because I want to help & inspire and it keeps me accountable to my own personal goals. Accountability is GOLDEN!

If you would like to learn more about portion controlled meal planning or are ready to try something NEW and begin a challenge group click on the application to get started! Together we can create change and start to build your healthy lifestyle!

Click HERE to create your HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

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