New Month, New Challenge, New Goals

Our health and fitness is a journey. Its a journey to find what works right for your body! Everyone is different! Some people can seem to eat whatever they want with no ill effects. Other do well on a vegan plan, others vegetarian, others paleo, others gluten free……The list goes on and on and for … More New Month, New Challenge, New Goals

Tru Hangover Juice

Overindulged a bit too much last night? Dont stress out your liver even more with some “hair of the dog”. Get your Tru Hangover Juice on! This is your fresh juiced virgin bloody mary, sure to rehydrated your cells and flush out all those toxins from your liver. Plus it tastes super yummy! I like … More Tru Hangover Juice


Vasisthasana Pose sometimes called side plank, is named after a sage = Vasistha. This pose requires balancing on one hand and one leg with strength and concentration. Benefits Builds strength in the core, shoulders, and outer hips Brings focus and concentration to the mind Coming into the Pose 1. From Downward facing dog, bring your … More Vasisthasana